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How does a business scale?

To grow your business, you must first identify what phase your project is in —validation, optimization, or expansion— to determine what actions you should take to drive growth.


Who am I?

I'm a Digital Product Manager with 10+ years of experience guiding startups towards growth. I work alongside C-levels in the strategy, development, and execution of digital products and services.


What can I do?

I can help you boost your business toward the scale-up phase.


Business phases



Market Fit: You need to confirm that your product or service fulfills a market need



Operational Efficiency: You need to improve your processes to boost efficiency and profitability



Strategic Growth: You need to increase your market presence by reaching new customers and markets

What needs to be done in each phase?


Validation phase

Optimization phase

Expansion phase

Do you need help?

I can help you boost your business toward the scale-up phase