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How does a startup grow?

To boost your startup, we must first identify what phase your project is in —discovery, development, or launch— to determine what actions should be taken to drive growth.


Who I am?

I'm a Senior Product Manager with 10+ years of experience leading products at startups. I work alongside C-levels in the strategy, development, and execution of digital products and services.


How can I help you?

I'll help you boost your startup toward growth by establishing goals, strategies, and execution plans to guide your team.

"David is one of the most balanced people I know. He is logical, approachable, kind, empathetic, and very assertive." — Alberto Cortés, CEO of Ezzing
"David has the profile that all companies look for: responsible, committed, positive, optimistic, proactive, and above all, with a genuine desire to create value" — Anxo Pérez CEO of 8Belts
"For me, he has been a reference when it comes to facing problems calmly, analytically, and orderly." — Pablo de Lucas, Senior Product Manager
"David is a true Product Manager, someone who feels the product as his own and spares no effort until he achieves what he wants." — Victor Sancho, CCO of Ezzing
"I can say without hesitating for a second that David is one of the most brilliant minds I have ever met." — Miguel Portillo, Cofunder of PXSP
"Talented, versatile, and super resourceful, I consider David one of the few people I've worked with whom I would always want by my side" — Evaristo Ramos, Brand Director at Quantum

What are the phases of a startup?


What needs to be done in each phase?

Discovery | Customer Development

Development | Agile Collaboration

Launch | Go-to-market

Do you need help?

Certified at top European schools (Hyper Island and IE Business School) with experience as a founder, investor, and product manager I can help you to boost your startup.